Lifestyle Choices You Can Live With

good lifestyle choiceWhen we make good lifestyle choices, our lives are rich and rewarding. When we make poor lifestyle choices, our lives reflect it by being more dysfunctional. Our lifestyle choices have a lot to do with how healthy and balanced we are as individuals. It is important to everyone’s well being that they evaluate their own lifestyle choices to see where they can improve.┬áIt is time to execute your plan. Get excited! You are about to improve on you! Be sure to tell your support system so that they will be aware of the changes you are going to make so they can encourage you when you struggle. Congratulations on your self improvement!

The first step in evaluating your lifestyle choices is in being objective about yourself. Do some critical thinking about your lifestyle choices. How is your diet in comparison to the national food guide? How many times a week do you exercise? Do you have a support system and a personal community to socialize with and have recreation with? Are you aware of where your physical health stands and are you following your doctor’s orders for any conditions you have? Are you satisfied with your vocation, your level of spirituality, your hobbies and your relationships? Write down your thoughts on these matters to be organized about them.

Next, note which areas you find yourself lacking in. Where is it that you know you can do better, and your lifestyle needs you to do better? Set goals for yourself and make a clear plan for how to take control of your lifestyle. Write up a clear diet plan that consists of foods that are good for your personal body chemistry. Create an exercise plan that will ensure you workout consistently in a way that you enjoy and at a time of day that you will not be disturbed. Ensure that you are setting appropriate boundaries in your relationships that allow you to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Be honest with yourself about what you want to see change in your personal goals and accomplishments.