healthPhysical and mental health are key components to every individual’s personal condition. Arguably, every component in an individual’s life is either helping or hurting their mental and physical health, but mental and physical health are certainly their own entities. We depend on mental health to interpret the world around us correctly, as well as the world within us. Those who are unable suffer a great deal, while those who are able grow steadily in character and strength. We depend on physical health to keep us actively engaged in life. Pain and illness have a way of removing us from the moment and making us less capable. When we are in good physical health, we are able to reach further potential.

Mental health has as much to do with your current circumstances as it does with the circumstances of your past. Much of our mental health is determined by our biology and our environments. Mental health experts understand that the way we experience the world when we are children has a great deal to do with the outcome of our psychology as adults. People who had a mentally healthy childhood become mentally healthy adults. They are the fortunate ones. People who had a mentally unhealthy childhood are likely to be mentally unhealthy adults. These mentally unhealthy adults have the option of living life according to their past and remaining mentally unhealthy, or beginning the uphill battle for mental health that takes years of work. Good mental health is worth working for in every case because of how greatly it improves one’s quality of life.

Physical health is very similar to mental health and is tied to it in many ways. Much like mental health, physical health is very dependent on biology and environment as they are the two primary factors that influence physical health the most. Many factors that relate to a person’s physical health are passed down through genetics, which are out of a person’s control. Other factors are strongly tied to our childhood, as many health habits from childhood translate directly to adulthood. And recent information indicates that people who had adverse childhood experiences are more likely to struggle with physical health issues. The best thing a person can do to manage their personal health is live in a way that counters the biological misfortune they received through genetics and past experiences.

All too often, substance abuse either enhances or occurs as a result of mental or physical problems. Alcohol and drug abuse are one of the greatest enemies to good mental and physical health. If you or someone you care about is struggling with a substance abuse problem, reach out to alcohol and drug detox centers for help.