Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

healthy lifestyleThe topic of lifestyle choices may seem somewhat broad, but it is when we take a step back to look at the big picture of our lives that we can sometimes be the most objective about them. We are all capable of falling into patterns and habits that are not good for us, and with busy being the new normal, we often do not even have the time to become aware of them. This blog will encourage you to gain some perspective on your life, not to fine tune or perfect specific skills, but rather to examine how all the parts of your life come together to form your brand of lifestyle.

There are four areas of thought that come together to form a picture of a person’s lifestyle. These areas are spirituality, health, relationships and purpose. Spirituality is arguably the most important of these four, as it includes your belief systems and where you turn for the optimism and energy to continue moving through life. Your health is vital because it is the vehicle of your existence. This can include your physical health and your mental health and wellness. Your relationships can make or break you, considering that they are so deeply enmeshed with your personal success and happiness. And your purpose in life is instrumental in defining your character and your quality of life.

Many think of spirituality in a religious sense, and while religion and spirituality often closely dialogue with one another, spirituality is much broader than religion. It is responsible for the way you interpret the world, and informs you on what is worthy of joy, purpose, pursuit and fulfillment. How is spirituality reflected in your lifestyle choices? Do you go to church or meditate? Have you organized your thoughts and beliefs about why we are here?
Your personal health is a complex matter, but a vital one. We all have some exposure to an understanding of physical health (diet and exercise), but your personal physical health profile is something you get to know about yourself over time. Mental health is included in this area of thought, because biology and psychiatry work so closely together. How is your health reflected in your lifestyle choices? Do you put thought into the substances you ingest? Do you have an exercise regimen? Are you aware of how your thought patterns affect your bodily chemistry?

Some people choose to have many personal relationships, while others prefer to limit the number of personal relationships they have. Either way, relationships are not optional. Relationships are our means of being reared when we are young and understanding the human world we live in, so it is important to seek and build healthy personal relationships. How are your relationships reflected in your lifestyle choices? Do you have relatively many relationships, or few? Do new relationships energize you or make you weary? How healthy are the relationships you do have?

And lastly, our chosen purpose is what we make our business to accomplish in life. The stronger we feel called to accomplish a purpose, the more rewarding the journey toward the purpose will be. This may be a career, a vocation, a role or just a really good idea. How is your purpose reflected in your lifestyle choices? Would you say you have a passion for something? Are you working toward that passion or do you have it on a back shelf?