relationshipsPersonal relationships are very commonplace. We all have them to some degree. Some are chosen for us and some we hand select. Because they are so common, we often take them for granted for what they really are. Personal relationships are one of the four main factors that determine our quality of life and our personal condition. Despite being so accustomed to our friends, family and peers, if they were taken from us, our sense of self would be lost. At some level, we are acutely aware of this as we love and have concern over the people we care about. This should make us appreciate the importance of our personal relationships, and how they should be prioritzed over a great many other things we think we need.

We humans are evolved to be social creatures. We thrive when we are in cooperation with one another. No matter what you believe about why we are here, it is indisputable that humanity could not have been the most prosperous animal on the planet if it were not for our social sensibilities. We have a very long history of social organization which begins within the family unit and extends outward to larger communities. A large majority of the things we do in life are set up to be done socially because it is how we know to operate.

We have evolved to have strong, personal attachments to the relationships we consider most valuable in life. One reason for this is because it makes the hardships we encounter much more bearable. Life can be dark even for the strongest among us, let alone for people who struggle with mental issues. Personal relationships are very important to coping with life’s hardships. Those who feel a loss for personal relationships in their lives are more likely to fall into depression.

And even when times are not hard, personal relationships do a lot to enhance the quality of a person’s life. Most people’s favorite moments are ones that they shared with their loved ones, laughing, having fun and making memories. Loving personal relationships are a comfort and a source of joy to people.